Do you know the story behind the seafood that you buy? Here in Indonesia, the people who catch and process our delicious seafood are struggling to make ends meet. They are left behind with little to no choice but to suffer silently. They go through their days working long and hard hours, yet they get paid so little, leaving them stuck in extreme poverty. Some are forced to work without breaks and without paid leaves, even when they get sick. Some do not get support from their employers when they fall into accidents. Women are not allowed to take maternal leaves when they give birth. Some even lose their jobs when they are found pregnant. These stories have been kept secret for far too long. Its time to make the voices of seafood workers heard. Let us stand with the people who bring us the delicious seafood to our tables. Call on seafood companies to put an end to the suffering of their workers. Sign our petition now.

Unraveling the Inequality Behind the Seafood Value Chain

Behind the seafood products in supermarkets, there are thousands of people who suffering.

To all seafood producer companies in Indonesia.

We are surprised by the practices in companies that produce seafood in Indonesia, which make the workers live in a very inhumane condition. As consumers, we have a right to ensure that the seafood we consume are not produced by the workers who suffer from injustice. Therefore, we urge all seafood producer companies in Indonesia as well as national and international retailers which distribute seafood to change their bad policies and practices by:

Complying with the manpower regulation of Indonesia. Companies that violate it must suffer the consequences. They must fulfill the right of every worker such as decent and secured wage, appropriate work hours and rest, right to receive decent facilities and protection in work place as well as right to express their opinions.

Respecting women’s rights. Women must be given equal wage and opportunity as men. Women workers have a right to a safe and comfortable work place. Companies must treat pregnant workers in accordance with the government regulation. There should be no discrimination for those who are pregnant. They must not lose their jobs just because they are pregnant.

Being transparent with their consumers. According to Indonesian Act on Consumer Protection, we as the consumers have a right to know the production process of the seafood we buy. Companies must provide information that can be traced by the consumers so we can ensure that the products we consume do not violate workers’ rights.

Best regards,